Help me complete my Nate Ruess vinyl collection:

Here’s what I still need:

fun. / Panic! at the Disco - Split [clear w/ PATD cover]

fun. - Walking the Dog [black]

The Format - Snails [white]

The Format - Lullabies + Interventions [black]

The Format - Time Bomb [black]

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A arte e o humor bizarro de Joan Cornellà.

i really fucking love this like a lot

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I found Chowder on the work tv. Hell yeah.

I’m at work and I’m ready to die.

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vivi!!! :D


vivi!!! :D

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I need your help!

I’m looking to complete my You, Me, And Everyone We Know record collection. I have all the variants and such except for a test press of Things Are Really Weird Right Now. I’ve been looking for awhile with no luck. I’ve tried contacting youmeandeveryoneweknow as well as topshelfrecords. Topshelf said that they do indeed have a copy but never reply with a price and my emails go unanswered. If anyone has info on where I could possibly buy/trade for a copy, that’d be wonderful. Or any other things by them. I don’t have any of the CDs or stuff so those would be cool to have as well. Again, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!


what a great punk scene


what a great punk scene

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Someone should order me pizza, please.

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My problem with Deathnote is:

who the fuck writes that dramatically? 


This is my favorite scene of Bob’s Burgers ever.

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